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Travis Touch Go - Instant Two-Way Translation Device 155 Languages

Meet Travis® Touch Go, a pocket translator like no other.
Travis Touch Go translates your speech into any of the 155 supported languages.
Now with hassle free, online translations – no SIM card or commitments required.




What is eSim?

Travis® Touch Go is equipped with an eSIM, this means that your Travis will be able to connect to mobile internet networks (2G/3G/4G) just like your phone but without having to insert a SIM card.

The first month of data is included with every Travis® Touch Go. You can purchase more data for your Travis® Touch Go on our website. No contract, no hidden fees and no roaming fees.

You'll even be able to share your Travis' data connection with your other devices through hotspot in order to avoid roaming fees when abroad.

Buy the data here.

Why are online translators better?

Travis® Touch Go uses artificial intelligence to provide the most accurate translations possible. In order to tap into all of this knowledge, an internet connection is needed.

When connected to the internet, your Travis® Touch Go will provide accurate translation results in less than a second.

Does Travis® Touch Go work offline?

Yes, Travis® Touch Go can translate the following languages offline: Chinese, Dutch, English, French, German, Hindi, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Russian and Spanish. Translation accuracy will be lower than when using Travis' online translation feature.

We always recommend using an internet connection to ensure fast and high quality translations. Translating online has never been easier with Travis® Touch Go.

Thanks to it's built-in eSIM card, all you have to do to be online is to purchase a data pack available from our website - The first month of data is free and you can purchase a Travis with 1GB of data included.

Data for Travis® Touch Go is pay as you go so no contracts or fixed fees. You can also use your Travis® Touch Go with your own SIM card or Wifi.