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The Odin: A Puzzle Dog Toy with a Modern Modular Design


Odin Product Banner  The Odin engages dogs on multiple levels, giving them mental stimulation and physical activity.

It's a type of toy that dogs are always interested in. If your dog enjoys food, they will enjoy The Odin. Simply place treats inside The Odin and, as your dog plays, treats will fall out.

Dogs of all shapes and sizes can play with The Odin.

We've seen dogs pick it up and drop it, use their nose to push it around and knock it around with their paws. Whether they are tall or short, have a big nose or small nose, all dogs have found a way to get the treats out.

Minimal, modern design inspired by geometric shapes and art combining aesthetics and functionality.

After many drawings, CADs, paper and 3D printed prototypes we created a durable and beautiful shape, exceeding even our expectations of not compromising on any aspect of the toy.
Connect multiple toys to add variation and increase difficulty to make play time longer.
With two or more connected, the toy will not roll as easily, there are less holes for treats to come out of and the treats are in different compartments. Also, more treats in total can be put into multiple balls versus just one so you don't need to refill as often. Connect more toys or change treats to make the toy new again for your dog.
Flaps allow treats to easily be placed in but not fall out and four differently sized holes allow treats to spill out at varying rates. 

This gives your dog the option to lick the treats through the flaps or roll it. Change the size of the dog treats you place inside to make it easier or harder on your dog based on their personality and ability.
Odin Modular