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ZENDURE Supertank 27,000MAH : Power Your Phone For A Week, Recharge In One Hour

27,000 mAh portable charger with dual USB-C PD (100W + 60W) & dual USB-A ports that can quickly charge MacBook Pros & other compatible devices.  

  • 100W Power Delivery. Charge your 15” MacBook Pro and other high-powered devices at full speed.

  • Super-Fast Recharge Capability. Charge SuperTank at up to 100W via Power Delivery. To enable fast charging via Power Delivery, you need a wall charger that can deliver enough power (100W or more) as well as a USB-C cable that supports 5A current throughput.

  • Pass-Through Charging with Dual USB-C Ports. Charge SuperTank and other USB-C compatible devices at the same time. 100W Power Delivery makes it possible to charge your laptop (up to 60W USB-C PD) when recharging SuperTank.

  • Four-Port Output. With two PD-enabled USB-C ports and two USB-A ports, SuperTank allows you to charge four devices at the same time, including laptops, tablets, cameras, cell phones, security cameras, projectors, LED lights, and more.

  • Airline-Safe 27,000mAh Capacity. SuperTank’s massive capacity can extend your 15" MacBook Pro battery life for 8 hours or charge your iPhone XS seven times.

  • Premium Power Cells Provide Fast, Safe Charging. SuperTank is equipped with eight power cells and has nine layers of safety protection.

  • X-Charge Low-Power Mode for Wearable Devices. SuperTank isn’t only designed for high-power devices. Charge an almost unlimited range of low-power devices, including smart watches, Bluetooth earphones, fitness bands, and more.

  • Digital LED Display. SuperTank’s Digital LED Display lets you know exactly how much power is left so you won't get caught running on empty. This user-friendly feature is absolutely necessary for high-capacity portable chargers.

  • PD Direction Switch. Switch the direction of SuperTank’s power flow as you wish with a long press of the button.

  • UPS Mode with Pass-Through Charging. There will be no power interruption when switching between pass-through and battery mode, making it ideal for applications such as security system, microcontrollers, home automation, network storage, backup power for WiFi routers, and more.
  • 2 Years Warranty