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ONELID - fits all by Sonne & Vantore


The world’s first truly universal multifunction lid that actually looks good and works like a dream. Once you try this - we promise you’ll never want to go back to using your old lids. Well maybe for drumming that is...


Draining  - no more burned fingers or spilled pasta in your sink
Tired of burning your fingers on metal/glass lids during cooking or while pouring? Ever tried sliding your conventional lid a little to the side allowing that boiling water to drain, but ended up soaking your pot holders and getting peas and pasta into the sink? Yeah - who hasn’t! 

Well no more. Because of the unique air-vents doubling as strainer (draining) holes, you now have trouble-free draining. ONELIDs silicone surface ensures great friction against the pot so your ONELID will stay centered and safe – even when held vertically. Your peas and pasta will remain in the pot where they belong.

SIZE - having trouble finding a lid to fit?
Not to mention the cacophony of noisy metal striking metal when desperately trying to find the right lid inside your kitchen cabinet? ONELID offers 4 ingenious features combined with great modern design in one elegant lid that will fit all your existing pots (up to 22 cm/8.75").