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Levitating Lamp - Magnetic levitating light bulb table lamp

Magical Floating Light Bulb


The lamp uses a magnetic levitation technique, which allows the light bulb to levitate in mid-air.
The bulb floats in the air when the light is on or off, creating a visual spectacle in your home.

Touch sensitive power button

The power button is a touch sensitive switch that allows you to turn the LED floating light bulb on or off with a single touch, all while the bulb is still levitating.

Vintage decorative light bulb design

The trendy Edison-style light bulb is an eye-catching design that will add flare to your home as you turn the light on.

Aesthetically pleasing soft ambient light fixture

The unique levitating lamp is the perfect conversational piece to add to your home. Use the table lamp in your office, the living room or on your nightstand for soft ambient lighting.