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Jot: Capacitive Touch Stylus by Adonit!


Jot Features:

Precision Disc   |   Your stylus should be as sharp as your ideas. The thin and clear disc gives you the accuracy you want in a digital pen. Video **Patent Pending


Ball Point   |   Hold your stylus at the angle you're most comfortable with. Jot gives you the freedom to write or sketch like you're used to. Video


Heavy Metal   |    Once Jot is in your grip, the quality is unmistakable. The durable aluminum and steel gives Jot superior conductivity and craftsmanship comparable to any luxury pen.


Protective Cap   |   Protects the precision disc when Jot is taking a break. Sits on the back of the stylus when Jot is in the game. 


Sophisticated Styling   |   Metallic coloring for a professional and fashionable look. 


Magnetic Cling   |   Jot Pro attaches magnetically to your tablet. Pen clips are so yesterday. 

Rubber Grip   |   For more command and comfort. 

Expressive Colors   |   Say something with your Jot, before it even touches your screen.

//////////////////////// There are two types of Jot. Which one fits your needs?