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eScooter |Foldable| by DesignNest


This lightweight electric scooter that folds is designed for modern, mobile individuals who are looking for hassle free transportation.



eScooter |Foldable|: Fold. Pull. Go 

eScooter is a redesigned electric scooter like no other. With its unique folding system, eScooter stands out from the competition by unfolding/folding in less than 5 seconds! Can you believe that? What is even better is its clever design that makes it small yet fast. Experience the craftiest electric scooter in the market, eScooter |Foldable|. 

eScooter is suitable for everyone,
eScooter is suitable for everyone,


wherever you are,
wherever you are,


wherever you GO!
wherever you GO!

The eScooter comes in two versions: grey and black.

Introducing the eScooter
Introducing the eScooter


  • Lightweight  

At a weight of under 25 pounds (11kg), this outstanding eScooter weights one-third the amount of a regular scooter! Or similar to the weight of 5x 15 inch MacBook Pro!


Its lightness together with its compact size makes it a breeze to fold and pull along.

Perfect for situations where bikes are not allowed, such as on the train, bus or walking down the shopping street. 

When you need to ride again, simply unfold it and voilà!

...Unfold it and off you GO!
...Unfold it and off you GO!

Did I say 5 seconds? What about 3? In this urban society we need to adapt to a faster lifestyle than before. Think fast and act faster.

  • Compact

Convenient to carry and store. Perfect for urban communities with tight spaces. Finished using it? With its minimal design it can be stored easily without taking too much space! 


Store it after using.
Store it after using.
  •  Pull it with you conveniently

Portable and convenient. With its embedded handle, pull it along easily once you are finished riding it.



Need a break? Park it. It can stand easily when folded.


A uniquely designed kickstand with wheels lets the folded scooter not only stand by itself but also be pulled along. When unfolded, simply use the integrated side kickstand.

When unfolded, it can stand thanks to its side kickstand.
When unfolded, it can stand thanks to its side kickstand.


With its simple and sleek look, the dashboard can display real-time speed, battery power, current speed and total mileage. The speed range is divided into 2 grades.

  • Gear shifting (Increase speed)
  • On/Off (Long press)
  • Gear shifting (Decrease speed)



Every part of the bike is designed with simplicity in mind. Its rear wheel brakes are hidden and kickstands are cleverly integrated into the scooter design.

  • Hidden mechanical wheel brakes;

With its hidden mechanical rear wheel brakes, this design brings you a safe, smooth and easy to use experience.

  • 8 inch inflation-free tire;

No need to inflate your tires or worry about a flat tire during your travel. This inflation-free tire provides a stable pressure and makes the tires burst-proof.

  • Shock absorber

Enjoy a quiet and better travel. Do not let bumps on the road affect your commute.

  •  Charging port

 Easy charging with the charging port in the front pipe.