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Elos Skateboard | Easy modern last mile transportation

Elos skateboard rides smooth, comes with legendary handling for riders to carve and superior stability for newcomers to learn.

Inspired by race cars and adapted from principles of leverage, Elos is the only design which can provide stability even in high speed AND can handle sharp turns easily

Elos is a one of the kind skateboard. The patent-pending deck design provides a solid and stable platform to learn on. With a couple of quick tips, most people could learn how to ride in 5 min. Most kids don’t even need tips to start.
Designed for quick stop and go. Whether you are waiting for the red light or grabbing that quick pizza, Elos provides a quick and easy solution.
Designed to easily fit into your lifestyle, Elos is extremely portable and small enough to fit into a backpack or to be carried in a messenger bag. Great for short daily commuters or travelers to explore more with less effort.
Love your skateboard? We do too. Your Elos will come with a unique QR code for one click customer support and to help connect your skateboard back if it's lost.
Use any free QR code scanner to access MyElos system

Use any free QR code scanner to access MyElos system