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Bobby Cathy - The Protection Backpack with Alarm

.Empower yourself! Feel more secure with the Cathy Backpack and/or Charm.

Lifts the weight off your shoulders and less pressure on the spine

Hold the remaining strap together with the elastic band

In an emergency situation, press the SOS button twice and send a SOS SMS 
(which includes your location) and an automated SOS CALL to all your emergency contacts

* Built-in speaker for the sound of the alarm ** Scare off the harasser with a loud alarm (120dB)

Under “Device Management” in the app you can connect with the Cathy Charm
By pressing one button twice on the shoulder strap, a loud alarm is triggered, scaring away your aggressor. 

 But what if nobody can hear you, and unwanted company is on your heels? 
By pressing the second alarm button twice Cathy will send 
a silent alarm through the Cathy APP on your connected phone. 


Up to 3 people (preset in your app) will receive your SOS and exact location. 
 Besides this the backpack also has the Anti-Theft features of the original Bobby, 
keeping all zippers hidden and having a secret compartment at the back of the backpack. 

The Cathy Charm 
Not looking for a new backpack but loving the functions? We've got you covered. 
Turn your own fashion bag into your personal bodyguard with the Cathy Charm. 
Using the same alarm functions as the backpack.