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For Creators, By Creators (FCBC) - Junior



We The People hosted a For Creators By Creators Junior event, alongside a pop-up event to promote the opening of its first U.S.-based store. WTP involved the local community during the event at the West County Mall around the theme of “Big Ideas Start Small.” FCBC Junior is aiming to provide an opportunity for students of all ages to meet local creators to get inspired to become future entrepreneurs. Local Kickstarter creators came down and share their experiences with the local youth, and answered questions about the process of innovating your own product on November 17, 2018 from 12pm at West County Center, 42 West County Center Drive. Unit 1150, Des Peres, MO 63131,United States.


The event brought together the brightest minds from St. Louis and beyond to inspire and educate the next generation of entrepreneurs. Attendees had the opportunity to network with innovators and discuss strategies for crowdfunding a product or idea in the United States, Asia, and other regions. A select group of creators also had the chance to showcase their brands and products at the event.


    Event Details

    WHEN: November 16th and November 17th

    FCBC - Junior Creators Event:

    • FRI: 4PM-8PM
    • SAT: 12PM-8PM

    WHERE: West County Center Unit #1150


    • 20 minutes for creators to explain their product (what it does, how they arrived at their idea, their journey/process)
    • 20-30 minutes for Q&A from children and youth attendees

    Friday, 11/16

    - 4PM-5PM: 1st creator “Show & Tell Session”

    - 7PM-8PM: 2nd creator “Show & Tell Session”

    Saturday, 11/17

    - 1PM-2PM: 3rd creator “Show & Tell Session”

    - 3PM-4PM: 4th creator “Show & Tell Session”

    - 5PM-6PM: 5th creator “Show & Tell Session”

    - 7PM-8PM: 6th creator “Show & Tell Session”

    Presenters who will be telling their stories and providing demos of their creations during the Junior Creators "Show & Tell" event sessions will include:

    Akeem Shannon, Founder of flipstik

    Flipstik is a St. Louis Based Startup that lets you stick or mount your phone to nearly any flat surface. Flipstik was created by Akeem Shannon, a St. Louis Native, and DeSmet Jesuit High School Graduate. Flipstik's trademarked 'Synthetic Setae' adhesive is reusable thousands of times and when it gets dirty, can be cleaned with just water. The patented flipstik design also allows it to double as a kickstand for even more functionality. After running a successful Kickstarter campaign, Flipstik was featured on KMOX, Fox 2 News and other local outlets

    Drew Nikonowicz and India Ivy, Co-Founders of Standard Cameras

    Drew Nikonowicz, winner of the Aperture prize and numerous other awards, and his partner India Ivy have launched Standard Cameras to help photographers gain a deeper understanding of our visual world. They are in the process of delivering The Standard 4x5, a 3D-printed large-format camera to their Kickstarter backers. Drew and India were both born in St. Louis and earned their BFA degrees from the University of Missouri - Columbia in 2016 and 2015. Drew is a photographer and tinkerer at heart, and he developed The Standard 4x5 over the past 4 years in his free time. India, previously a competitive gymnast, is now a coach and visual artist. She brings precision and a steady hand to their production. Together they will improve arts education through Standard Cameras products and programming.

    Henrik Hansen, Co-Creator of Nanobag & Nanopack

    Tiptop Things Limited, the company behind the successfully crowdfunded Nanobagand Nanopack, is a group of friends working together to infuse everyday items with cutting edge technology. Our mission is to make quality products that you will love. In everything we do the environment is factored in, and we try to establish best practices in order to minimize negative impact. The company was founded by two friends, Ursus Negenborn and Rune Kippervik. They used to work in law and media, but felt that they were not contributing in the right direction with their old jobs. Around a year after the company founding, a third friend Henrik Hansen joined the team. With a background in business, he felt that he could help make a difference.

    Janelle Becker, Creator of Skelosaurz

    Paleoartist, Janelle Valis Becker, has been creating leather sculpture for over a decade and has had her work shown around the country, where it's been judged and awarded by some of the best leather artists in the world. Her fossil art has been published multiple times within the leather working community and has appeared in international blogs as well as on the front page of the Sarasota Herald-Tribune.

    She's taught leather sculpting of her dinosaur kits in various venues and her model-kit brand, "Skelosaurz," was successfully funded by Kickstarter, where it was chosen as a "project we love" in 2016.

    Today she strives to continue combining her love of art and science as a leather artist; recreating skeletal models of long-extinct creatures and refining them with a clean, minimalist style which suits our modern day design. She loves to combine one of mankind's oldest artforms with some of our earth's oldest flora and fauna.

    Jun Yu Tan, Founder of C3 Ceramics

    Jun Yu Tan, Singapore-born ceramic artist, runs Chicago-based C3 Ceramics as a solo venture. C3 is a startup initiative that produces unique ceramic products that support an active lifestyle through function and design. Creating user-friendly, personal and intimate products that last a lifetime. Kickstarter-funded products include the small, medium, and large pinch mugs.

    At C3 Ceramics, we also strongly believe in being at the forefront of design and innovation with the environment in mind, creating products that change the way we consume in our day to day, hopefully reducing the need for plastic and one-time-use containers.