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FLUXMOB - World's Smallest 2.4A Battery Backup + Wall Charger

Just like the original, BOLT² is an upgrade from your standard wall charger. Why carry around anything else when you can have a wall charger AND battery backup in one compact device? Whether you’re charging your device on the wall or on the go, BOLT² seamlessly integrates into your everyday life ensuring that you’ll never run out of battery again.

 BOLT² currently only supports US plugs, but it can be used internationally with a simple plug adapter for your region. We also have an international plug adapter kit available.

Fluxmob Bolt 1
It's also PORTABLE and works with ANY device that charges via USB
It's also PORTABLE and works with ANY device that charges via USB.



  • Dimensions 70mm x 34mm x 28mm (2.75" x 1.33" x 1.10")
  • Samsung 3000mAh battery that's good for up to two charges with most smartphones
  • CE, RoHS, and FCC Certifiable
  • 90-240v supported for international use
  • Output: 5v/1A
  • Available in three colors: Stealth, Graphite, and you choose the third.
  • Smooth rubberized finish in three color options
  • Four blue battery indicator LEDs
  • One green status LED
  • Subtle chamfered edges add to the sleek design