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Quickstarter: MiniWallet v.2.0 |Expandable|

Looking for a no-nonsense wallet that houses your cards, cash, key, and coins, all in one? Look no further. Meet the miniWallet!

Small enough to fit in your shirt pocket...
The miniWallet is designed to be a wallet that expands according to your needs. With this in mind, an elastic band is integrated into the design to allow this expansion. Its unique wrap design prevents the wallet from being bulky, optimising its compactness, no matter how much cash or cards you put inside.

Key compartments on the left side of the wallet

Cash compartment

Pull out your card with one simple pull on the strap. Place the card back in, and fold the strap over the card, securing it with its integrated magnet. To k
eep your cards secure, miniWallet comes with RFID chip in the card-storage compartment, so that no one can steal your data wirelessly.

Not just for cards, the miniWallet is also equipped with compartments for cash, coins, and a key. 
Material   PU leather

 Expanded - 190 x 96 x 1mm;

 Folded - 68 x 92 x 10mm

 Theft-protection   RFID