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Alpha Sling: The World's Lightest Bag for Tablets by ALPAKA


Tablets are quickly becoming powerful work tools and are replacing laptops in many ways. This is why the Alpha Sling was engineered to unchain you from your work desk and give you the freedom to work and play from anywhere.

Meet the Alpha Sling: A slim everyday bag that can hold your tablet and more...much more. We have crafted a bag capable of adapting to modern life. It uses a magnetic Fidlock buckle (best in the world), a lockable flap which allows you to lock the bag for extra security against pickpockets, a buckle on the strap to quickly remove the bag, and waterproof backing to keep all your tech gear safe and dry. Aesthetically designed and extremely functional.

Our bags are crossover everyday and travel bags. You'll find loads of convenient travel features in all of our products. The Alpha Sling is no exception.

It also comes with anti-theft features made to keep your valuables and important documents safe from prying eyes.