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Think Board - Peel & Stick Whiteboard Films


Think Board is a whiteboard film that can turn any surface into a dry erase board! Just peel & stick! Cover your walls, desks, tables and more!

Our goal is to give:

  • College Students a place to get their ideas out and stay organized
  • Elementary Students a platform to learn to write and do math problems. (Save paper, money, and time!)
  • Developing Countries access to our revolutionary product to promote entrepreneurship in less fortunate countries. (With enough support we will be able to donate hundreds of Think Boards to those who cannot afford a whiteboard. 

Think Board allows for more flexibility and control than a standard whiteboard. It is a removable clear sheet that can be easily installed and repositioned around the room. Much more affordable and sustainable than using regular whiteboards or paper!!

Think Bold with your new Think Board! Here at Think Board, our mission is to provide you with a new thinking space; a place for endless possibilities. Think Board is a clear adhesive that will turn any surface into a dry-erase board!

We need your help with funding so we can improve our manufacturing process, create unique packaging and start mass-producing Think Boards. With your support, we will be able to push Think Boards into three growing markets (including Developing counties) and continue to promote Thought Pollution :) 

Thought Pollution is a Solution
Thought Pollution is a Solution
  • We want to enter the college market and get Think Boards into college bookstores to help promote creative thought and action among all college students. Think Boards are perfect for any college students because they blend in with the wall, are re-positionable around the room and provide the student a platform to express themselves or organize a busy schedule.
  • Entering K-5 education is also part of the action plan if Think Board receives funding. We would like to install Think Boards on school desks around the country to 1) save paper 2) save money and 3) provide the child a new space to learn to write, learn math problems, or sketch out a drawing. 
School Desk
School Desk

Premium Think Board...

  • Sticks to every smooth wall
  • Is easier to install that ever - no more air bubbles!
  • Works with every marker (because... why wouldn't you want that?!) 
  • Comes with a microfiber cloth & black marker