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Shapeshift - The First Adult & Children's Coloring Book


We wanted to create a book that speaks to both kids and adults. 
It wasn’t easy to design a product that caters to both audiences at the same time. We need something that is adorable and light enough for kids, but not too childish, and deep enough for adults. The book content and illustrations have to portray dual meanings.  
This led us to think of Hayao Miyazaki’s greatest works (Spirited Away, Princess Mononoke,etc). They are adorable, dreamy and whimsical, beautifully illustrated, and at the same time have deeper meanings. His works were the catalyst which inspired Shapeshift.
Shapeshift – or in Japanese characters バケモノ (pronounced “bakemono”), which means “shapeshifting", was inspired by Japanese mythology. We wanted our design to emanate Japanese elements as much as possible. The cover design and pink colorway were inspired by Japanese cherry blossoms (“Sakura”). We also used traditional Japanese cloud patterns to design the back of our cover page.
Nora and Lowy are the main characters of Shapeshift. Nora is a playful, passionately curious, and courageous girl who is not afraid of exploring the mysterious world of Shapeshift. And meet Lowy - Nora’s best friend and guardian owl. Together they will meet form-changing creatures, as they embark on their whimsical journey together.
Every illustration is a double-page spread, so both of you will color the same artworkwhile enjoying the cleverly-designed illustrations. One side is more-detailed for you; the other is less-detailed for your kids.
We've designed the coloring book in such a way that the parent's page is on the left side and the child's page is on the right.
The world of Shapeshift also consists of characters like Shoyu the dragon, Flaerra the phoenix, Howl the wolf king, Crowny the crane, Nine Million Tails, and many more. Every illustration also has it’s very own unique page title. 
Bouncing FroggiesBouncing Froggies
Howl the Wolf KingHowl the Wolf King
Luna the Great StagLuna the Great Stag
10,000 Years of Eldar10,000 Years of Eldar


Most of Shapeshift’s illustrations were drawn to fit the landscape orientation. To have more variation, we’ve also added illustrations that fit portrait orientations. Now you can have both portrait and landscape artwork on your wall!
The book measures 25cmx25cmx0.9cm and uses 150gsm thick paper.
We also knew paper was key to our book construction.The best type of paper for coloring is one with a surface that has a perfect balance of smoothness and coarseness. It has to be smooth enough so pencils can glide across the paper effortlessly, and coarse enough so that sufficient coloring chalk gets “captured” by the paper. We feel we have nailed the perfect paper.
We’ve found the perfect thickness and surface.
Every copy is bound using threads (i.e sewn-binding) instead of glue or staples (i.e. perfect binding and saddle stitching). Sewn-bound is the most secure book binding method, and it also allows the book to lay flat more seamlessly than other binding methods do.
Now you can color with ease, and admire your completed artwork for years to come.