FidgetPen |Magnet| - A Playful Pen For Stress-Relief 😌

Magnetic Cap


Did you know that playing with a pen can help to maintain concentration?
Remove the ring, turn it upside down or break it apart!
By flipping the magnetic rings you can either have the cap attract or repel to its base, allowing for different ways to fidget.
Fidgeting is a self-regulating mechanism to help us either boost or lower our attention levels. If used properly, it will help to take focus to a whole different level. 

Stands Vertically 

A pen-docking system - stick the FidgetPen against magnetic surfaces. Use the rings to prop your pen upright! No more losing your pen among your notebook pages.

stand on table

Erasable pen

Replaceable Ink 

It is very easy to replace the ink of your pen. The strong material we are using, adds durability and guarantee long life of the pen.